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Keynotes by Bert and Sherry

Both Bert Thornton and Dr. Sherry Hartnett are available for speaking. While they will gladly consider tailoring a keynote for your group or organization, here are a few of their most popular topics:

What It Takes to Be a Great Mentor. If you think you may be interested in helping others realize their full potential, this is the speech for you! Bert zeroes in on the five core attributes that make someone a truly successful mentor.

The Eight Great Social Tells (and What They Say About Your Mentee). Bert says there are eight personal characteristics—from attitude to body language—that are deeply connected to an individual’s potential for success. In this presentation, he explains how to appraise them in your mentee and use them to shape your coaching.

The Success Cheat Sheet: The Ten Basic Laws of Success. Mentor or mentee, you’ll want to know these critical laws—the things super-successful people do that set them apart. Bert reveals their secrets in this speech that draws heavily from his first book, Find an Old Gorilla: Pathways Through the Jungle of Business and Life.

We Need to Change the Way We Think About Change. In this thought-provoking talk, Bert addresses the two kinds of change: initiated and inherited. He reveals the seven steps to successfully tackling the former as well as the four potential ways to approach the latter.

How to Start a Mentoring Program in Your Organization. In this information-packed presentation, Sherry lays out the seven vital steps any company can follow to create their robust mentoring program. You’ll appreciate this practical, high-level look at what to do, when to do it, whom to invite along on the journey, and how to keep the momentum going for years to come. Sign up for a more intensive online course on the same subject!

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