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The "Virtual Mentoring" Handbook  [A Mini E-Book]

Meet the Author

Dr. Sherry Hartnett     


Tips for Mentors, Mentees and Program Managers.

Drawing from research and practical experience, The “Virtual Mentoring” Handbook offers guidance for mentors, mentees, and program managers to overcome communication challenges and implement high-impact strategies for success. It outlines the benefits, challenges, and best practices of virtual mentoring, highlighting the importance of clear communication, flexibility, and commitment in fostering meaningful mentor-mentee relationships across distances. Elevate your mentoring experience and thrive in today's virtual world! Download The “Virtual Mentoring” Handbook today!


The "Virtual Mentoring" Handbook [A Mini E-Book]

  • What You Will Learn

    In traditional mentoring relationships, the mentor and mentee interact face-to-face. Yet, like all relationships, mentor-mentee interactions are evolving. Remote mentoring is a flexible, effective alternative to in-person mentoring. But you need to know how to do it right. 


    In this mini e-book, you'll uncover the top seven tips for effective virtual mentoring.




  • Key Chapters

    1. A Case for Virtual Mentoring: Virtual mentoring has its benefits and challenges. Learn how to take advantage of one and manage the other.
    2. Virtual Mentoring in a Crisis: The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 thrust us all into remote work environments. Through that, we learned a lot about mentoring. 
    3. 7-Tips for Effective Virtual Mentoring:  We’ll dig into each step and create a roadmap to follow. 
    4. Keep Calm and Mentor On:  Remote mentoring is an opportunity to keep your professional development moving forward - no matter what else is going on.   

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17 Pages



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