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  • How do I enroll in an online course?
    Select a course from the Online Learning Library. There is a "Get Started" button associated with the course you'd like to take at the bottom of each course page. Click on the button, complete the short registration process and submit your payment. You will receive an email confirmation when your registration is complete with instructions on how to access your course.
  • If I enroll in a course, how long do I have access to the lessons?"
    When you purchase a course, you'll have access to the course materials for 1-year from the date of enrollment. However, we take courses down from time to time as they become outdated, and we add new content and updated information. At that point, the course would be available to repurchase.
  • How will this purchase show up in my account?
    The purchase will show up on your credit card statement as High-Impact Mentoring.
  • What is your online course refund policy?
    Students who register for an online course occasionally change their mind for one reason or another. Regardless of the reason, we believe there should be a refund policy for students who decide not to take the course. Refunds for courses are only given under the following conditions: The student/user did not access any portion of the online course, AND the student/user requests a refund in writing via our contact page within three business days from the date of the registration (when the email confirmation was sent). There will be no refunds for any online courses once a course has been accessed in any manner. Please understand that with the enrollment and accessing of your online course, you have read and agree to the above-mentioned refund policy.
  • Can I share my online course with my colleagues?
    No. Only one person can access each course you buy. But if you think your coworkers or employees can benefit from what you're learning, consider purchasing the course for your whole team. Or, share the link with them –
  • I’ve registered for a course. How do I access it?
    After you complete the short registration process and submit your payment, you will receive an email acknowledgment when your registration is complete with instructions on how to access your course.
  • What software or computer equipment do I need?
    You can participate in an online learning course on your Mac, your PC, or any IOS or Android mobile device. To get the fullest online experience, we recommend a laptop or desktop computer. When you visit Hartnett Academy to participate in our web-based learning, you will also need an internet connection and a web browser.
  • How do I get the most out of an online learning course?
    Here are some tips to help you have an enjoyable experience with online learning. Spend time. Web-based learning can be convenient, easily accessible, and effective. However, you'll still need to spend time to learn new skills and gain new knowledge. Plan enough time to spend with the course materials. Minimize distractions. You may find that texts, phone calls, incoming emails, and coworkers' questions make it difficult to concentrate. Choose a place and time to learn so that you'll have a minimal number of distractions and interruptions. Set goals. Before you begin, spend a few minutes considering what skills and knowledge you'd like to take away from your online learning experience. As you proceed through an online learning course, occasionally evaluate your progress. Setting clear goals (and sometimes thinking about whether you're meeting them) will help you evaluate your online learning approach and make changes as necessary.
  • Can I enroll in more than one class?
    Yes! Enroll in as many classes as you like, but know that each course requires work beyond simply browsing the training content to master the various subjects presented thoroughly.
  • Are there course textbooks?
    There are no required textbooks for High-Impact Mentoring courses, and the course content does not follow any specific books. Step-by-step instructions, website links, and materials are referenced from time to time and are typically accessible within the course resource materials.
  • Are there homework assignments?
    No. There are no homework assignments that are due. But to fully immerse yourself in the learning content and get the most out of the course, we recommend that you spend time outside of the course lessons to apply what you are learning in practical, real-world situations for your own business.
  • What if I have additional questions or concerns?
    Please feel free to contact us through our "Contact Us" page.
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