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High-Impact Mentoring

A Practical Guide to Creating a Successful Mentoring Program

What You Will Learn

Mentoring transforms lives and organizations. Here's how to do it right. Whether you want to start a mentoring program or revitalize an existing program, this course is a step-by-step guide to help you build a successful mentoring program for your business, organization, college, or university. 
Uncover the secrets behind the 7 steps to a robust mentoring program: 
  • Define Your WHY

  • Find Your Program Champion

  • Set Goals & Metrics

  • Build Your Program

  • Recruit & Connect

  • Nurture Your People & Your Program 

  • Measure to Improve

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Sherry Hartnett 

Dr. Hartnett-Instructor photo.jpg

Dr. Sherry Hartnett, Founding

Director of the University of

West Florida Executive Mentor

Program and co-author of the book High Impact Mentoring - A Practical Guide to Creating Value in Other People's Lives, (with former Waffle House President and COO Bert Thornton), is a highly respected marketing and leadership consultant and professor.

She has earned prestigious faculty excellence in teaching awards and is delighted to see her students and clients prosper and flourish. 

Sherry's mission is to share her mentoring, marketing and leadership knowledge, expertise, and connections to help people succeed in their careers and lives.

Key Course Details


100% Online. Start instantly and learn at your own pace.


9 video learning lessons, with comprehensive step-by-step instruction. 


Downloadable tools include a Workbook to help you build your program as you walk through the course.


Customizable templates to help get you started - Forms, Best Practice Guides, Applications,  Talking Points, Discussion Starters, and more.  


Resources and examples: Checklists, Orientation Training, Brochures, Surveys, and much more. 


A Certificate of Completion to recognize that you have completed the course requirements.  


Estimated time to complete:  4 hrs. - 8 hrs. depending on workbook time.  

Why Take This Mentoring Course?

  • Build your program! Download the course workbook and Dr. Hartnett will help you create your program as you walk together through the 7-Step Framework.  


  • Get time-saving templates, tools, and resources, that you can easily customize for your organization.

  • Brainstorm ideas, participants, and goals with your team, as you're guided through each step. 

  • Participate in an interactive experience with real-life examples, success secrets, and pitfalls to watch out for. 

. . . and much more! 

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Get Started TODAY!

The High-Impact Mentoring Online Course

is ONLY $349

A successful mentoring relationship can positively change a life. Just as certainly, a well-executed mentoring program can have the same positive impact on an organization. Build your organization's outstanding mentoring program for rising stars.

Downloadable Tools & Resources

When starting or running a mentoring program there are a lot of things to consider. With the High-Impact Mentoring course, we make it easy for you to hit the ground running with more than a dozen customizable tools, templates, and resources to kick-start your program. Plus, there's a 40-page workbook to help you build your program while you work your way through the course. 

  • Find the Right Champion Checklist

  • Orientation PowerPoint Example

  • Join the Program Template

  • Mentor Best Practices Guide

  • Mentee Best Practices Guide

  • Mentee Self-Reflection Worksheet

  • Mentor Application Template

  • Mentee Application Template

  • Program Materials Checklist

  • Budget Template

  • Questions to Ask a Mentor

  • Understanding Responsibilities Form

. . . and much more! 

Is This the Right Course for Me?


This course is ideal for: 

Business Owners:  Maybe you're looking to build staff experience and company culture.  Or, maybe you want to offer your staff opportunities for growth that will help retain your high-performers and enhance your succession planning.  A mentoring program is an opportunity to elevate staff performance and show your staff that you care about their professional development.  

Human Resources / People Development Executives:  The list of benefits to businesses and organizations is endless.  A mentoring program can develop new managers, retain high performers, support a learning culture, improve employee engagement, create opportunities for reverse mentoring, and so much more. 

Higher Education Leaders (Dean, Associate Dean, Assistant Dean):  Mentoring programs are vital to student success.  Mentoring programs empower students to get jobs and find success in their careers.  At the college and university level, mentoring programs provide the real-world connection that so many students need before they start their careers.  

Non-Profit Executive Directors:  A non-profit organization needs their staff and their volunteers to be completely engaged in the work they are doing. A mentoring program helps keep staff engaged, feel valued, and enables the director to build strong, supporting leaders and volunteer teams.   

Mentor Program Managers:  You're currently managing a mentoring program, but you're having trouble maintaining mentor involvement.  Or, perhaps mentors are involved but you would like more mentee participation.  Perhaps mentees are participating, but they're struggling with relating to their mentors. The High-Impact Mentoring course is just what you need to super-charge your current program for sustainability and success. 


Dr. Harper,

College Dean

  • He has a little over 4,000 students in the College of Business. 

  • Through their coursework, the students learn the skills needed for their career field.  But, he wants to help them see how those skills relate to a business environment. 

Dr. Harper
College Dean
Pic-Business owner.jpg


Business Owner

  • IT, Data Security, Software.

  • His business is growing and he wants to make sure he is taking steps to plan for the future.

  • He wants to build long-term employees by helping them learn about the business and develop higher-level employees that think holistically.

Business Owner
Photo of woman.jpg


Mentor Program Manager

  • She currently manages a mentor program for her company.

  • This is a new experience for her and it's a relatively new program. Getting the program off the ground has been a challenge. 

  • She wants help.

Mentor Program Manager


VP, Human Resources

  • The company is having trouble retaining employees. 

  • She knows that starting a mentor program will help keep their top performers and develop younger talent. 

  • But she's not sure how to get started. She needs help. 

VP, Human Resources

By The Numbers

People crave strong work relationships and a sense of connection—and employees expect to be developed. A good mentoring program is your secret weapon for attracting and retaining high performers. 


90% of workers with a mentor say they feel happier within their career.

 Source: CNBC Workplace Happiness Survey  


67% of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring.

   Source: Mentorsme


79% of millennials view mentoring as a crucial aspect of having a successful career.

Source: CNBC Workplace Happiness Survey

What's in This Course? 

Video Lessons / Workbook / Templates / Resources / and more

Course time: approximately 4 hrs. - 8 hrs. depending on workbook time


18:00 min. 

Let's Get Started: Your Mentoring Program

As we get started, we’ll talk about how your mentoring program can be a powerful tool to retain key employees and grow tomorrow's leaders. 


2:00 min. 

How to Use this Course

This overview will teach you how to get around the course software and move through the lessons so you can spend your time with the course material rather than figuring out the technology.


19:00 min. 

Step 1 - Define Your WHY

You need to know why you want a mentorship program and the benefits you expect to receive. Only when you understand these essentials can you build a well-executed program through thoughtful planning and a sustained commitment to guiding participants through the mentoring process. We'll talk about why mentoring matters and how it will positively change your organization.


14:00 min. 

Step 2 - Find Your Program Champion

The success or failure of a formal mentoring program depends on one role: the program’s champion. We'll explain what the program champion does, what makes for a good champion, and how to pick the best person for the job. 


13:00 min. 

Step 3 - Set Goals and Metrics

Identifying the goals upfront will help align your mentoring program outcomes with your business objectives, illustrating to senior leaders why mentoring should be a priority. We'll help walk you through setting goals and metrics, ensuring that they are measurable, trackable, and objective. 


31:00 min.

Step 4 - Design & Build Your Program

We'll dive into the nuts and bolts of building your program, including securing organizational support, figuring out the financial aspects, branding, identifying training materials, and more. We'll walk through everything you need to build your program because a well-thought-out plan will save you time and effort in the long run.  


50:00 min.

Step 5 - Recruit & Connect

It’s all about the 3Ms: Mentors, Mentees, and Matching. Just because you build the program doesn’t mean people will come. You have to promote the program effectively. We'll help you create a plan to attract and retain participants. 


38:00 min.

Step 6 - Nurture Your People & Your Program

Left to themselves, some mentors and mentees will flourish. But some may not. Your program must be set up to help nurture the connections being made. We'll walk you through why training is important and ways to reinforce training throughout the program.


16:00 min.

Step 7 - Measure to Improve

At some point, someone will ask you, "Is the mentoring program successful?" If you don’t monitor results, if you don't evaluate what's working and what's not, you won’t know if you’re succeeding or if you need to make changes. We'll give you measuring techniques and examples to help you evaluate and assess your program.   

A Wrap-up from the Instructor

Dr. Hartnett will recap what you learned in this course and she'll talk through how you can continue building on what you have learned.   

4:00 min. 

Customizable Templates

We provide you with customizable templates - Mentee/Mentor Applications, User Forms, Best Practice Guides, Mentee Talking Points, Discussion Starters, and much more.  You don't have to start from scratch; these templates will help you jumpstart your program and move your program lightyears ahead. 

Course Resources

We provide you with downloadable tools including a Workbook to help you build your program as you walk through the course.  We also include checklists, orientation presentations, articles, and research papers to help give you the information you need to create a successful mentoring program.

Certificate of Completion

When you have successfully completed 100% of the course, you will receive a Completion Certificate. This certificate recognizes your commitment and dedication to the subject matter and acknowledges that you have completed all the course requirements.

It's Time!

The High-Impact Mentoring, Online Course is ONLY $349!

If you're ready to start or improve your mentoring program to have a positive impact on people's lives and the future of your organization, ENROLL NOW!


A thriving mentoring program is achievable and within your reach. But it won't just happen on its own.  We'll walk you through the steps, and start you on the road to a successful mentoring program.






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