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How To Be a Great Mentor

A Practical Guide to Becoming a High-Impact Mentor
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Why Be A Mentor?

There's no doubt that a successful mentoring relationship can positively change a life. Mentors play a huge role in transferring knowledge and vital skills to the next generation. And the realization that we can have a positive influence on others—guiding them to become better employees, leaders, and human beings may be the greatest gift mentoring brings to all of us.

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Sherry Hartnett 

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Dr. Sherry Hartnett, Founding

Director of the University of

West Florida Executive Mentor

Program and co-author of the book High Impact Mentoring - A Practical Guide to Creating Value in Other People's Lives, (with former Waffle House President and COO Bert Thornton), is a highly respected marketing and leadership consultant and professor.

She has earned prestigious faculty excellence in teaching awards and is delighted to see her students and clients prosper and flourish. 

Sherry's mission is to share her mentoring, and leadership knowledge, expertise, and connections to help people succeed in their careers and lives.

What You Will Learn


What it takes to be a great Mentor.  A roadmap to help you, and your mentee be successful. 


What makes for a good mentee.  The mentee's role and responsibilities. 


One-on-one. Sitting across the table. You just got a mentee - now what? Tips and strategies on how to get started on the right road.


Moving along in the relationship.  Fundamental concepts that are critical to your mentee’s success.


Mentoring aspiring leaders and managers.  How to help those emerging leaders that strive to become senior level managers.  


Closing the loop.  How long should you mentor someone, and a few final insights for you to share with your mentee.


Estimated time to complete:  45min. - 60min.  

Why Take This Mentoring Course?

  • Tips, strategies, best practices.  Learn proven strategies and tactics, the right things to do, steps to take, and pitfalls to watch out for.   


  • A roadmap for success.  Both you and your mentee want this engagement to be successful.  We'll provide you with steps to make your mentoring relationship a positive experience.  

  • Specialized Content.   Our online course is tailored to specific mentoring skills and strategies, ensuring that you receive targeted and relevant information to help you become a great mentor.  

  • Skill enhancement.  Mentoring is a two-way street. When done correctly, mentoring becomes a platform for continuous learning and self-improvement.  Let us help you take the right steps. 


. . . and much more! 

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Coming SOON!

The How To Be A Great Mentor Course


Being a great mentor doesn't come naturally. Creating a successful mentoring relationship takes proper planning, and effective execution. Get the tools you need to develop a positive experience for you and your mentee. 

Coming Soon!
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