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Unofficial Mentors: Expressing Gratitude in an Ever-Changing World


Often it's the Informal Relationships that Leave the Deepest Imprints on our Souls


Building a fulfilling life doesn't happen in isolation. We're supported by a web of individuals—friends, relatives, peers, educators, coaches, and various leaders who selflessly guide our path. These are our "unsung heroes," the people who without an official title, gently mold our perspectives, challenge our views, lift us from our lows, and sprinkle wisdom in our journey.

We fondly refer to them as our unofficial mentors.

While formal mentorship is undeniably important, it's often these informal relationships that leave the deepest imprints on our souls.

With our lives busier than ever and technology constantly at our fingertips, genuine gratitude can sometimes be overshadowed by the hustle of daily life. It's time to pause and reflect on those who’ve made a difference in our lives, and there’s no better moment than now.


1. Recognize Your Mentors.

Embark on a journey of introspection.

Who played a crucial role in shaping your life choices?

Whose advice became a turning point in your life?

Who never hesitated to point out your mistakes and helped you correct them?

Who offered a fresh perspective when you were trapped in a maze of confusion?

It's enlightening to discover that sometimes, the most profound pieces of advice or support come from unexpected quarters. Recognizing them is the first step to genuine gratitude.

2. Express Your Thanks.

In this digital age, a handwritten note stands out. It embodies your time, effort, and personal touch. However, if that's not feasible, a simple call or even a heartfelt text can do wonders.

Convey to them how they've enriched your life. Speak of specific instances, lessons learned, and the value they've added. Being vulnerable is okay; it's in these moments of raw honesty that the deepest connections are forged.

3. Pay it Forward.

The ripple effect of kindness is incredible. Begin mentoring. There's an abundance of individuals yearning for direction, and you could be their guiding light.

Moreover, ponder upon the subtle ways you might already be impacting someone’s life. Our actions often speak louder than words. Recognize the weight of the responsibility and continuously strive to be a beacon of positivity.

4. Continuous Growth.

Cherish the mentorship you've been blessed with and recognize the opportunity you have to influence others. Mentorship, in its essence, is a manifestation of love. It is the act of dedicating oneself for the upliftment of another.

Two people talking.

In today's rapidly changing world, where personal connections are more crucial than ever, let’s express our gratitude more frequently. It's not just about moments or specific days; it's about cultivating a culture of appreciation and love. Let's celebrate those who've loved and mentored us, today and always.


Celebrate those who've mentored us, today and always.


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Editor's note: This post was originally published in November 2021 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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