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Mentoring Transforms Lives and Organizations: Here's How to Do It Right.

In today's business world, companies are consistently faced with a competitive marketplace. There is competition for services, products, brand recognition, customers, pricing, and the list goes on. But one of today's biggest competitive challenges is finding and retaining talented people. Companies that foster stronger employee relationships are better positioned to attract and retain talent. Employees need to know the company they are working for is interested in their professional growth and development.


Business leaders constantly ask, "How can we hang onto our top talent?"


Former Waffle House President and COO Bert Thornton and Founding Director of the University of West Florida's Executive Mentor Program Dr. Sherry Hartnett have combined to answer this question and more in their book High-Impact Mentoring: A Practical Guide to Creating Value in Other People's Lives.

Mentoring is no longer a "nice-to-have" but a "must-have." At a time when people crave strong work relationships and a sense of connection—and employees expect to be developed—a good mentoring program is your secret weapon for attracting and retaining high performers.

The question is: How do you start a mentoring program within your organization?

Or, if you already have a program that is floundering, how do you reinvigorate your mentoring program for success?

Dr. Sherry Hartnett has created the solution: her 7-Step Framework for a successful High-Impact Mentoring Program. And, better yet, she has created a fully-online course that is the first-ever practical step-by-step training for effectively scaling mentoring efforts to build your organization's outstanding mentoring program for rising stars. It is a blueprint for hardwiring the program into your culture so every mentee gets a consistent experience, every time.

Whether you want to start a mentoring program or revitalize an existing program, this course is a step-by-step guide to help you build a successful mentoring program for your business, organization, college, or university. Uncover the secrets behind the 7-Step Framework to a robust mentoring program.

What You Will Learn!

1. Define Your WHY

2. Find Your Program Champion

3. Set Goals & Metrics

4. Build Your Program

5. Recruit & Connect

6. Nurture Your People & Your Program

7. Measure to Improve

Key Course Details

  • 100% Online.

  • Start instantly and learn at your own pace.

  • 9 video learning lessons with comprehensive step-by-step instruction.

  • Downloadable tools include a Workbook to help build your program as you walk through the course.

  • Customizable templates to help get you started - Forms, Best Practice Guides, Applications, Talking Points, Discussion Starters, and more.

  • Resources and examples: Checklists, Training Orientation, Brochures, Survey, and much more.

  • Estimated time to complete: 4 hrs. - 8 hrs. depending on workbook time.

Downloadable Tools & Resources

When starting or running a mentoring program, there are many things to consider. With the High-Impact Mentoring course, Dr. Hartnett makes it easy for you to hit the ground running with more than a dozen customizable tools, templates, and resources to kick-start your program. Plus, there's a 40-page workbook to help you build your program while you work your way through the course.

A successful mentoring relationship can positively change a life. Just as certainly, a well-executed mentoring program can have the same positive impact on an organization. Build your organization's outstanding mentoring program for rising stars.

This course is ideal for:

Business Owners:

Maybe you're looking to build staff experience and company culture. Or, maybe you want to offer your staff opportunities for growth that will help retain your high-performers and enhance your succession planning. A mentoring program is an opportunity to elevate staff performance and show your staff that you care about their professional development.

HR / People Development Executives:

The list of benefits to large organizations is endless. A mentoring program can develop new managers, retain high performers, support a learning culture, improve employee engagement, create opportunities for reverse mentoring, and so much more.

Higher Education Leaders (Dean, Associate Dean, Assistant Dean):

Mentoring programs are vital to student success. Mentoring programs empower students to get jobs and find success in their careers. At the college and university level, mentoring programs provide the real-world connection that so many students need before starting their careers.

Non-Profit Executive Directors:

A non-profit organization needs its staff and its volunteers to be wholly engaged in the work they are doing. A mentoring program helps keep staff engaged and feeling valued and enables the director to build strong, supporting leaders and volunteer teams.

Mentor Program Managers:

You're currently managing a mentoring program, but you're having trouble maintaining mentor involvement. Or, perhaps mentors are involved, but you would like more mentee participation. Perhaps mentees are participating, but they're struggling with relating to their mentors. The High-Impact Mentoring course is just what you need to super-charge your current program for sustainability and success.

If you're ready to start or improve your mentoring program to positively impact people's lives and the future of your organization, invest the time to learn from this course. A thriving mentoring program is achievable and within your reach. But it won't just happen on its own. Let Dr. Hartnett walk you through the 7-Step Framework and start you on the road to a successful mentoring program!

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