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How To Be a Great Mentee

A Practical Guide to Working With Your Mentor.
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What's Your Role As The Mentee?

Once you have found a mentor, your job has only just begun. You need to own the role as “mentee” and it has some important responsibilities.  As the mentee, this relationship is about you and your professional development. You want to make sure you get the most out of it.  It’s your responsibility to take ownership.  We'll show you what to do. And, what not to do. 

Meet the Instructor

Dr. Sherry Hartnett 

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Dr. Sherry Hartnett, Founding

Director of the University of

West Florida Executive Mentor

Program and co-author of the book High Impact Mentoring - A Practical Guide to Creating Value in Other People's Lives, (with former Waffle House President and COO Bert Thornton), is a highly respected marketing and leadership consultant and professor.

She has earned prestigious faculty excellence in teaching awards and is delighted to see her students and clients prosper and flourish. 

Sherry's mission is to share her mentoring, and leadership knowledge, expertise, and connections to help people succeed in their careers and lives.

What You Will Learn


You’re Not as Lost as You Think You Are. 

Success is about solving problems. 


Choosing Your Path.
What is really important? Where do I start? How do I stay on track? 


Finding & Choosing Your Mentor.

Your mentors will change over time depending on your position, circumstances, and requirements. 


The Mentee’s Role & Responsibilities.
Own the role of Mentee. 


Navigating the Path Using Basic Laws of Success.
Uncovering the success tactics.    


Virtual Mentoring.
The benefits, challenges, and top tips for mentees.


Estimated time to complete:  40min. - 50min.  

Why Take This Online Course?

  • Tips and best practices.  The course covers best practices for mentees, ensuring you can make the most out of every mentoring relationship. Learn the right things to do, steps to take, and pitfalls to watch out for. 


  • Gain Valuable Insights.  A great mentee knows how to ask the right questions and seek meaningful feedback. This course will teach you how to gain deeper insights from your mentors.  

  • Enhance Personal Growth.   This course provides the tools and strategies needed to maximize personal development through effective mentorship, helping you grow both professionally and personally.  

  • Boost Confidence.  Understanding the dynamics of a mentee-mentor relationship can boost your confidence, enabling you to take full advantage of mentorship opportunities. Let us help you take the right steps. 


. . . and much more! 

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Coming SOON!

"How To Be A Great Mentee"


Unlock your full potential. Gain the skills you need to build a meaningful mentoring relationships, receive valuable insights, and accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Coming Soon!
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